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Bill Maher getting his ass handed to him on Islam is making the rounds again today. (x)

The whole exchange is part of a larger segment about Benghazi from May of last year, but The Guardian’s Glenn Greenwald from really lays it out in black and white.  Given the situation in Gaza, I can see why this clip has had a boost in popularity.

Glenn:  Lots of religions — not just Islam — produce violence.

Bill: That’s a silly, liberal view that all religions are alike because it makes you feel good.

Glenn:  No it makes you feel good to say our side is better because those people over there are —

Bill:  No it makes you feel good to put a crown on your head and say, “I’m a good person.  How do I prove that — “

Glenn:  You get to ignore the responsibility that your own government has for the violence and instability in the world by saying, “Look.  It’s that primitive religion over there that’s to blame.”

This tea is just so flavorful and full of truth.

The amount of truth in this.

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plants and friends and friends’ plants <3

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Foggy morning
Guilin, China


Foggy morning
Guilin, China

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The only right way to mark “Confederate Memorial Day.”

Thanks to Jordan Farrar

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White Supremacy Is


Always seeking the “good” in white people even when their behavior is evil and always seeking the “evil” in black people even when their behavior is good.

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